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Then and Now,

Korea to Kuwait


As of today March 9, 2003, it would seem that

War with Iraq and possibly even North Korea

is on the minds of many people all over the world.

With so many young men now going off to face conflict,

many away from home for the first time,

I have chosen to introduce this new page, in the hopes that

any of you out there who wish, may write to ask questions

or just talk to someone who has been there before.


These web sites will provide you with
current information about
the War with Iraq:

ABC News Home:
ABC: The War in Real Time
ABC: War and Weather

Air Force Weather:
Look for satellite images of the Middle East

US Naval Observatory:
How phases of the Moon affect war

A 15 day weather forecast for:
Baghdad, Iraq

the constant dust storms:
NOAA - Dust Storms
Dust over the Middle East


while my ship was in Korea, we worked

with and transported Seabee units

to various locations:

The Seabees


A look back at some pretty awful

statistics during my service in the Navy:


These statistics are prior to my service time :


The CIA web site will provide you with a brief

introduction to many countries around the world:

CIA - The World Factbook 2002



About Kuwait


U.S. Marine Corp Pfc. Aaron Clark, Motor Transportation Operator with the 2nd Medical Battalion, 2nd Force Services Support Group (FSSG) from Camp Lejeune, N.C., pulls the rope of a Chemical Biological Protective Shelter (CBPS).

US Navy photo - Burris
Camp Coyote, Kuwait


From left, British mine countermeasures ship HMS Sandown (M 110) and U.S. Navy mine countermeasures ship USS Ardent (MCM 12) stand together in the waters of the North Arabian Sea

US Navy photo - Krypel
Camp Patriot, Kuwait


Kuwait Information Office - USA


A few of the facts about Kuwait


Read the news from Kuwait


Pictures of some of our troops


Maps of Kuwait from the Perry - Casta˝eda Library



About North Korea


North Korea: A rare glimpse


Korea and Human Rights; an oxymoron


An Asia Times article:

North Korea's Gravy Train; send medicine not food


As for specifics on North Korea:

North Korean Special Weapons Facilities


NTI: A discussion of their weapon arsenal

North Korean Overview


From Space Daily:

An article about Weapons Testing



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