The USS Cabildo


USS Cabildo LSD-16
USS Cabildo LSD-16


I served on board the USS Cabildo

from 1951 to 1952.


The USS Cabildo was recommissioned in 1950

and became one of the first radioactive ships, as part of the

Atomic Energy Commissions Project, Operation Greenhouse.

One of the ports where the Cabildo was

stationed during my time on board was Wonson, Korea.

While we were there in April 1952, loading minesweeping boats

for Minesweeping Squadron 3, she took a direct hit at midship.

At the time of the hit, I was a few feet aft.

Although damaged, after being repaired,

she was still able to complete her mission.


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Some of my personal memories:


Subs and sub tender, Pier 3 Yokusha, Japan March 17, 1952


Well deck of the USS Cabildo, Yokusha, Japan March 17,1952


2nd Division crew photo taken on USS Cabildo, March 17, 1952:
(L) W. Buckles GM3, (C) F. Clark GM2, (R) McGriffin BM3.


Crewman Gervais



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